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Daniel Wang, DO

I got into fitness when I was a sophomore in high school and have kept up with it ever since. For me, it provides mental, physical, and spiritual benefits. Mentally, it challenges me to push through toughness that manifests as a physical representation. Whether it be a 2 rep maximum lasting a total of maybe 20-30 seconds, to doing more cardio-based workouts for time that last a long time, each and every training method provides its own form of barrier to overcome. It further allows me to let myself be my own experimental subject. In a sense, the scientist is also the subject. It allows me to do some form of mind-clearing and meditation as I completely clear my head and workout.

Daniel Wang
DO l Class of 2023
Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences

#withouthewhitecoat I am a fitness enthusiast that believes it is important for physicians to walk the walk, not simply talk the talk.

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