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Ngobitak Ndiwane, Dentist / General Practice Resident

Throughout my educational journey, I discovered my love for teaching. Growing up, I was the student who always needed tutoring and extra help, and I knew that once I learned what I needed to know, the next step was to share that knowledge with someone else. I continued teaching and tutoring throughout my time in dental school and this inspired me to enroll in a dual-degree program at Columbia to get my Masters in Education. My passion is empowering underrepresented minority students to reach their full potential, which led me to create an education initiative called Black Mentor Network. Without my white coat, I realize I have a greater purpose. I am made for a movement.

Ngobitak Ndiwane
Dentist / General Practice Resident at Harlem Hospital, NYC
DDS, MA l Class of 2020
Columbia University

#withoutthewhitecoat I am Ngobitak Ndiwane, a teacher, a learner, and changemaker.

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