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Evan Schrader, MD

I think balance and wellness is so important for physicians as it’s the only way we can truly relate with our patients and their daily lives—by being unique individuals outside of work and being more than just a physician.

Without my white coat, I am a huge lifestyle and wellness advocate. I find most of my balance through exercise and everyday nutritional habits. I have a super unique upbringing of being the product of two retired bodybuilders, thus healthy eating and regular exercise were staples in my life from a young age that have stayed with me as a professional. I have found these habits to be so great in helping me balance daily stress and prevent burnout.

My time at the gym everyday gives me a chance to escape my stressors—I listen to great music and get to enjoy the release of endorphins. I also find that planning healthy meals is a therapeutic way to capture a sense of routine amidst the chaotic days where I don’t have much control over what comes my way at work. After a great workout and healthy meals, I’m rejuvenated and ready to come into work to care for my patients!

Overall, exercise and nutrition have become great ways to take care of myself and relate with my patients and coworkers, hopefully inspiring a few along the way!

Evan Schrader, MD
OB/GYN Resident l Class of 2024
Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center

#withoutthewhitecoat I am a health and wellness champion!

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