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Won Kim, MD

Being able to look inside the human brain is awe inspiring and breathtaking. Translating a glistening lattice of iridescent grey and white matter, removing the bad and restoring the good to preserve language, movement, and memories can make the outside world seem fairly mundane at times.

But through traveling, mountaineering, and exploring new cultures and cuisines, I continue to find just as many moments that make me think “whoa” outside the operating room. A breathtaking view from a summit in Africa, a $1 street taco to die for from the heart of Oaxaca, and a cool breeze from the sands of Railay… these are the things that move me and bring me joy outside of work.

I think it’s important to find passion in the work you do; but all the more important to find passion in the life you live.

Won Kim, MD
UCLA l Class of 2009
Neurosurgery / Assistant Professor

#withoutthewhitecoat I am a traveler, writer, food/wine hunter, explorer, seeker of inspiration.

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