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Herlyne Das

Who I am at the core is all by God’s grace and I know I am successful when I am obedient to His will for me. I learned throughout my walk in life, that my purpose isn’t to fulfill my own needs, but the needs of others. Whenever I have free time, I am always involved in my community, giving back to the same organizations that gave me the tools and inspiration that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I truly love being on the Board of Directors of a nonprofit called Prospect Hill Community Foundation, which provides free educational enrichment services for the youth in low-income areas.

Every time I get the chance, I love sharing my story of how I got to where I am, the beauty and the ugly, in hopes that someone will be able to use my blueprint as their guide in their walk. As a woman of color, a first-generation black medical student, a child of immigrant parents from Haiti, and most importantly a God-fearing woman, I have encountered complex, diverse, life-changing experiences. It was at the battlefield of doubt and anxiety, that my faith was tested. I recognized that the trials and obstacles I faced, did not only happen so that I could gain essential skills that would help me in the future but happened so that I could share my story and let someone who looks like me or could relate to me know, that they TOO will survive and come out victorious in their own battlefield.

There is a saying that goes, “Because of them we could, and now because of us they can”. I love this saying and it has made me more intentional in everything I do. My decisions have changed from careless to purposeful. I am intentional in every aspect of my life because I recognized how much one-minute decision can have a trickling effect on not only me but the people around me; my loved ones, my community, the people I plan to serve as a doctor, an advocate, a mentor, a sister, a daughter, a human. Who am I without my white coat you may ask? I am everything God has set out for me to be.

Herlyne Das
MD | Class of 2024
St. George’s University School of Medicine

#withoutthewhitecoat I am a child of God, philanthropist, social justice advocate, spoken word poet, motivational speaker, traveler, gym junkie, youtuber, cook, mentor, daughter, sister, bestfriend, lover!!!

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