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Franklin Iheanacho

I began barbell training in order to gain strength for wrestling in high school. Soon enough my interests in barbell training increased after my body started to change for the better. Lifting weights in high school allowed me to improve my self-image, self-confidence and develop healthy eating habits like tracking my nutrients and calories. During this time, I was training mainly for muscle hypertrophy but when I started college, I switched my focus towards building strength and started powerlifting. The beautiful thing about powerlifting is progression. The whole goal is to gradually increase the weight on the barbell over a period of time which allows for strength gains and muscle hypertrophy. Previously I was only able to squat or bench press an empty barbell. Now I can squat double my bodyweight and I can continue to squat more if I keep training. This simple concept has continued to motivate me inside and outside the gym.

Franklin Iheanacho
MD | Class of 2024
Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
SNMA Liaison to the Admissions Office

#withoutthewhitecoat I am under the barbell.

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