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Shirlene Obuobi

Some of my earliest memories involve drawing, and according to my mother, I’ve been telling stories from the moment I could talk (she recently sent me copies of the “books” I wrote in elementary school.) Without my white coat, I am a storyteller and a cartoonist. With it, I am still those things, and thus have found fulfillment in combining my passion for medicine with my passion for narratives into comic form overĀ @shirlywhirlmd. I love hearing new perspectives and meeting new people (my favorite part about travelling is meeting people from around the world and learning about how they live), and some of my most rewarding experiences in residency have involved taking the time to learn about my patient’s stories.

My goal is to use narratives as a weapon against healthcare disparities, specifically in the areas of Cardiovascular Disease. I want to help patients feel empowered and informed about the diseases that they live with every day, and I want to motivate healthcare workers to take hold of the massive privilege and platforms that we earn when we put our white coats on to advocate for our patients. And I plan to have fun doing it.

Shirlene Obuobi
Internal Medicine PGY-3 Resident
MD Class of 2021
University of Chicago

#withoutthewhitecoat I am an #artist #writer #friend #traveller #cardiologist.

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