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Suzette Guzman

My determination to become a physician is based on my goal of being an agent of change in medicine and providing care for marginalized communities–like the one I grew up in. However, it’s important to remind myself that being a good physician doesn’t mean only taking care of others, it means taking care of myself too. During a time when all you can do is stay indoors and focus on your work, it’s easy to forget all the things that make you… well, you.

I have generalized anxiety disorder, and as a medical student managing my mental health has not been the easiest. However, I try to balance my schoolwork with the things that make me happy and whole. These things include Facetiming my parents daily, attending Jewish services over Zoom, doing reproductive research, cooking healthy meals, dancing in my living room, going to the park with my dog, and spending time with friends.

Having a career in healthcare is very challenging and can take a huge toll on you. Doing the things you love and having hobbies can increase your performance in school/at work, improve your mental health, and reduce stress and anxiety. While it is important to help others, don’t forget to be gentle and kind to yourself!

#withoutthewhitecoat I am a daughter of immigrants, a first-gen Latina student, a Jew, a scientist, a cook, a dancer, a dog mom, a friend

Suzette Guzman
MD Candidate | Class of 2023
UChicago Pritzker School of Medicine

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