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Steven Bradley, MD

Without my white coat, I am a musician, Naval Officer and champion of diversity. Since the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, I have been able to focus more on music performance and production, leading to the release of several covers as part of my “Quarantine Mixtapes.” I used my skills with audio engineering to launch The Black Doctors Podcast, a show that tells the stories of minority professionals with the goal of inspiring the next generation. Finally, without my white coat, I am an officer in the United States Navy. I followed my father’s footsteps and my family legacy and joined the service. During my two years on active duty, I have deployed to GITMO, and aboard the USNS Comfort for a 6-month humanitarian aid mission. During the COVID19 pandemic, I helped facilitate the Comfort’s deployment to NYC before being pulled for a different mission. This Veteran’s Day, I am thankful that with (and without) my white coat I am able to help keep our nation’s service members safe and healthy.

#withoutthewhitecoat I am a Veteran.

Steven Bradley, MD
Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Howard University College of Medicine; University of Chicago Anesthesiology l Class of 2014

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