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Oluwatobi Alawode

I started my blog, The Ripest Peach, at a time when I was feeling unsure of myself and the person I was becoming. Perhaps this was simply one of those mid-life crises one can experience during their 20-somethings. It was simultaneously unsettling and the push I needed to finally make some serious changes, starting with focusing on myself and what I needed.

As a child, I always turned to writing when I needed to sort through my complex emotions, because I am shy and uncomfortable leaning on others for support.
So naturally, I turned to blogging when I started my journey to recognizing my worth, and becoming my best self. What started as a personal growth accountability partner (read: public diary) has since transformed into a safe space for radical self-love and healing.

Through powerful truth-telling, insightful dialogue, and perfectly executed memes, I have started doing the challenging work to heal from my past and make room for God’s provisions for my life. I have embraced discomfort in order to fully step into my purpose. I have, somehow, encouraged and uplifted others through similar life struggles. I have, in short, become more like the woman I have always aspired to be.

#withoutthewhitecoat I am a digital storyteller, who is committed to empowering herself and others to love themselves and honor their purpose.

Oluwatobi Alawode
MD Candidate Class of 2023
Meharry Medical College

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