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Kamran Pakdamanian

Without my white coat, I’m an adventurer. I love exploring this beautiful planet in which we all have the pleasure of calling our home. Paired with my love of exploration, is my love of photography. I think these go hand in hand, wouldn’t you agree? What’s the point of exploring this world if I can’t show you how beautiful is truly is!!!

It’s interesting because while I was growing up, I was constantly bullied and to be honest with you I never understood why. Maybe I had that personality that allowed people to take their aggression out on me, or maybe I came off as a weak person. Whatever it was, I began to really enjoy my own company and that is when I picked up the camera. Going on random trips alone, just to take that cool picture, was my escape from reality. Being bullied was something I feel many of us dealt with, so we all know how that feels, but what we do with this experience is what demonstrates our character.
This is why, I vow to spread nothing but love, joy, and positivity both with my white coat and without it.

#withoutthewhitecoat I am an explorer

Kamran Pakdamanian
DMD Candidate l Class of 2023 Western University of Health Sciences

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