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Jennaire Lewars, MD

Without the white coat, I am an individual that embraces art in medicine. My major hobby is sketching labeled medical art, anatomical figures and surgical instruments in order to facilitate learning for others. My other hobby is playing soccer, by which I had to consider the choice of pushing to play professionally, or to pursue medicine. I enjoy exploring, whether it’s trying new foods, experiencing other cultures, hiking, or climbing a volcano in the Caribbean. I am a big brother to 5 younger siblings, as well as a mentor to them and others. With them looking up to me, it forces me to hold myself accountable, to uphold a high standard for them and to guide them to a better outlook for life. I see myself as a humanitarian, as I’ve formed associations during medical school that facilitate serving underserved communities, providing free health screenings and workshops, and when back home, I assemble a small team to give out care packages with food to the homeless living on the streets that couldn’t find a spot in a shelter. I value family to the utmost regard, and they shaped the kind of physician I want to be, as instances of witnessing manifestations of heart disease and stroke in my family, compounded with the lack willingness of the overseeing medical team to provide insight at the time, motivated me to want to learn more in order to help and teach my family, as well as others. I love people, and I want to empower them with the knowledge to ensure their longevity with the comfort of understanding themselves. This is what has reinforced my drive to not only become a cardiologist, but simply be a person that teaches others with a capacity of care for everyone that I come across.

#withoutthewhitecoat I am a brother, a mentor, a teacher, a humanitarian, an artist, an explorer, a man that simply loves his family

Jennaire Lewars, MD
Saint James School of Medicine I Class of 2020

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