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Bijou Basu

Without my white coat I’m a lot of things, I am a daughter and a member of the community. I am a painter, a writer, a nature-explorer, and ice-cream connoisseur. I am an advocate and someone who values giving back to the community even when I am not donning my white coat whether it be through the nonprofit I founded or volunteering with local organizations.

One of my longest passions has been painting. I am a watercolor artist who mainly focuses on portraits. Painting has been an outlet for me throughout my life. Whenever I was sad or struggling with something I turned to art to work through it. I wish I had more time to paint, but I still try and do a painting a few times a year. It’s something that always makes me happy and makes me feel better. From as early as elementary school, art has been a form of expression for me and I believe it will continue to be one throughout my training and career.

I believe another part of my identity is my advocacy and service work. I also started a nonprofit this year called No Longer Voiceless. After my grandfather passed away in February, I wanted to learn more about end of life as I was grappling with death. I founded a nonprofit that creates “Legacy Books” for end of life patients. The goal is to help them maintain dignity and end of life (site: Doing service and giving back is when I feel the most fulfilled and has always been an important part of my life.

One last big part of my life is nature. I grew up in the pacific northwest surrounded by mountains and trees and the ocean, and I have founded that being around nature keeps me grounded. I try to hike and discover new places whenever I can and my love for nature has evolved into a love of traveling. I love seeing not only the nature of new cities and countries, but learning about the people, history and culture of new places.

#withoutthewhitecoat I am a girl who loves being in nature, traveling, eating ice cream and making people smile

Bijou Basu
MD, PhD l Class of 2027
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

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