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A Healthcare Worker’s Thanksgiving (Much Love)

By Rhandy Ceballos

First of all, thank you to all my fellow colleagues, nurses, hospital staff, and all the members of health care who continue to make sacrifices in silence to help those in need. I thank you. Much love.

To my family who I was not able to see this year after starting residency. I love you all. I will see you soon. The sadness of not seeing you is subdued by knowing you are healthy and safe. Thank you for understanding me and supporting my career. Much love.

For those of you who skipped weddings , missed birthdays, graduated alone, and delayed celebrations. Those of you who continue to wear your masks despite the skin breakout and super shitty mask breath (shut up, it’s a thing). It is okay, things will get back eventually and for those sacrifices you made, I thank you. Much love.

For the families and patients who succumbed to this disease, suffered through the uncertainty of what would happen next. Those who wished they saw family one last time. Those who died alone. Thank you, for your sacrifice propelled a medical movement and collaborations that will define health care for the future. Thank you, for the strength you showed when I told you your loved one was passing and you weren’t allowed to be by their side. I love you. And I will practice medicine with all of you in mind for the rest of my life. Much love.

Please wear a mask, please wash your hands, please stay home tomorrow. We should give thanks every day just from being alive, tomorrow shouldn’t be any different. Please be safe.

Much love.

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