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By Israel Taylor, MD MPH

26 year-old female, 8 years post-high school with a history of bouts of self-criticism, countless sleepless study nights, episodes of exceeding personal expectations, and occasional underwhelming standardized test scores who presents with an unrelenting passion for humanity, Blackness, and socioeconomic justice. She complains of intermittent symptoms of burnout– worsening with 7-day work-weeks, improving with beach days, sunshine, and dance nights in her 1-bedroom apartment. Her exam is significant for caffeine-induced tachycardia, bags under her eyes bilaterally, a symmetric and hopeful smile, and a chronically quick-paced gait as she travels between the hospital floors. She is hyper-alert on the clock, oriented to self (a newly-minted physician), time (now and fleeting), place (amongst teachers and co-learners alike), and situation (the opportunity to live out a life-long dream). Assessment: She is a blossoming change-maker. Plan: To inspire. 

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