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Stephanie O Aroworade

The majority of the time the grind to get to the white coat makes you lose focus on who you are as a person and your identity becomes so engulfed in only that aspect of your life. The thing that you learn throughout this journey is that 1) the grind never stops and 2) your identity is what makes you stand out. Yes, of course, grades, standardized test scores, volunteer experience, and research are SO important, but the things outside of that are what admissions truly enjoyed. What made you, YOU. Throughout this journey, I learned how to still enjoy my life while staying focused on what has to be done to be a successful candidate. Two things I am passionate about are traveling/culture and music. These things I make sure to always include some time during my breaks to do. The more I began to put myself first and focus on what made me happy, the better I became in staying motivated and disciplined with my goals. Ultimately, we are all human and the main thing, for me at least, was to find my balance and to always make sure I got back to that homeostasis. That’s how our body functions anyway, right?

#withoutthewhitecoat I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a traveler, a fitness lover, music lover, a goal-getter, a woman of God and most of all Stephanie, my own unique self.

Stephanie O Aroworade
DPM Candidate Class of 2023
Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine

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