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Natasha Kathuria, MD, MPH

Being an ER doctor and a Global Health specialist through 2020’s pandemic has been quite the ride. I am also a journalist and have been covering the COVID-19 pandemic on national networks since the first wave, and it’s been such a rewarding addition to my career. I truly believe that the core of medicine is public health, and being able to educate the public through the media, and fight against misinformation, is a privilege. But a big part of my being lives outside of my white coat. I’m newly married, and my husband and I are both lovers of the outdoors. We have kept our sanity through 2020 by spending time doing what we love most – hiking, cycling, and playing tennis. If there’s an activity we can do in the sunshine, we’ve either done it, or it’s on our list! Being outside is such a beautiful reset from the hectic life in the ER, and keeps us centered and alive in so many ways. I grew up playing and competing in tennis since I was a child, but after a decade-long hiatus, 2020 has given me a new reason to get back on the court. Being able to share that joy with my husband has been such a blessing!

#withoutthewhitecoat I am a wife, a tennis player, a writer, and a globetrotter.

Natasha Kathuria, MD, MPH
Emory University – Dept of Emergency Medicine Class of 2015
Mount Sinai School of Medicine – Global Health Fellowship Class of 2017

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