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Stephanie Onyeka

I remember applying to college with the intent of majoring in studio art. Throughout my childhood and early adolescence, I was known to create designs, draw fake tattoos with ball point pens and showcase my art at competitions. Though I still wanted to pursue a career in dentistry, I at the very LEAST wanted to major in a something I would, enjoy. I was intrigued by all aspects art, and had dreams of incorporating this passion into a profession I would love.

I applied to college during the era that it was “required to be a science major to become a doctor”. Desperate to achieve my goals, I had to momentarily let go of my love for art and change my major.

Fast forward to my first semester of dental school. Study, eat, cry repeat. As almost everyone can attest, that first year is something else. As I found myself discovering my balance, it included art. I utilized the materials I had to recharge my passion. From this, I was able to polish my talents and translate it into a freelance graphic designing business.

As I continued to progress in my dental education, I began to discover a plethora of parallels between dentistry and art. Little did I know that both of my passions would flawlessly collide.

#withoutthewhitecoat I am a Graphic Designer

Stephanie Onyeka
DDS l Class of 2023
Texas A&M College of Dentistry

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