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Brandi Hair, DMD

I must admit, there was once a time when I had #noclue who I was without my white coat. From the moment I stepped foot into elementary school, my free time was filled with family, community, and extracurriculars. I was a liturgical dancer in church, an avid volunteer, and a student-leader. Most of all, I loved to craft and sew. However, following dental school graduation, I was whisked away to residency, which was over 1,000 miles away from everything that was familiar to me.

As a resident, I was displaced from the relationships, hobbies, and activities that I once used to identify myself. So, when Without the White Coat (WTWC) contacted me for a feature, I honestly had no idea how to answer their simple, yet profound question: “Who are you without your white coat?” It took almost a full year of introspection for me to rediscover my passion outside of the operatory – sewing.

During childhood, I altered and created new garments from unwanted clothes. Who would have known that almost two decades later, I would be sewing #clothfacemasks and making accessories for communities across the United States. A hobby that I once abandoned has now blossomed into my first small business, Sew & Suture (@sewandsuture).

In retrospect, I couldn’t have encountered WTWC at a more perfect time. Their platform encouraged me to not be consumed by my white coat. Thank you, WTWC, for reminding me that the most fascinating aspect of the white coat is the individual who wears it. Cheers to rediscovery and for all that is to come!

#withoutthewhitecoat I am an entrepreneur.

Brandi Hair, DMD
Medical University of South Carolina Class of 2018

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