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Gabrielle Jackson

My mission is to contribute, engage and inspire in a meaningful way that helps others reach their full potential. To be here for people in a way that I wasn’t before.

Living a creative life is a way of embracing individuality, exploring curiosity, and making eccentric connections. It also strengthens our problem-solving skills.

Creating art has been my long time unshared passion until now. Mixed media is my favorite form as the possibilities are endless. Although still in the experimental phase, my style would be described as figurative and the perspectives I pull from largely surround concepts of balance, connection, and harmony.

I believe that creativity is one of God’s gifts to us. It’s my most valuable skill. So apart from caring for patients, creating in all forms is my way of connecting deeper with myself and the world around me.

#withoutthewhitecoat I am a full-time creative. A servant, teacher, tastemaker, and student of life.

Gabrielle Jackson, DDS, MS
UNC Chapel Hill SOD | Class of 2019

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