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Alex Corbin Liu

Since I was 13 years old, I decided that I wanted to become an Optometrist. I am a person who has always strived to live a balanced life. When I am not focusing on running my private practice, I network with business connections, professional athletes, sports agents, and friends. Optometry students often ask how I know so many people and the answer is simple: building solid relationships with good people.

Outside of Optometry, I love to train and run Spartan races. I have run as part of my fitness routine every day since 1994. I have not missed a day! Fitness has always been a major aspect of my life as it has helped keep my sanity through undergrad, Optometry school, and the stresses of running a private practice.

I have always enjoyed sports and have had LA Kings and LA Clippers season tickets for over a decade. Now that I am a busy parent and business owner, watching sports no longer interests me. I still follow the professional athletes that I examine and will always be a fan of the athletes we assist with their performance and vision.

I am grateful to have my profession where it has given me the resources and podium to help others in the community. Teaching has always been a passion of mine as I also minored in teacher education at UCSD. I am a regular volunteer at my kids’ elementary school. Being friends with professional athletes and celebrities for over a decade in my profession has opened up doors to make an impact in the world with joint speaking engagements to talk to students of all ages about working hard, setting goals, sharing with others, and giving back.

#withoutthewhitecoat I am a teacher, mentor, youth sports coach, community leader, fitness enthusiast, and family guy.

Alex Corbin Liu, O.D.
Southern California College of Optometry Class of 2003

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