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Tim Makinde

Without my white coat, you’ll find me with a camera in my hands or watching my favorite sports team. My love for the visual arts started back in 2008 when I made commercials for flight simulation companies. From there I started working with live-action video and now focus on city and aviation photography. Photography allows me to explore NYC in ways I wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

When it comes to sports I have a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome #godhatesAtlantasports . Sports have allowed me to stay connected to my two previous homes (London and Atlanta). They gave me a sense of familiarity that helped me adjust to life in a new city.

With my page, I want to document my journey from dental student to resident to practice owner in NYC. Once I enter private practice, I would like to educate patients on how cosmetic dentistry works and can be accessible to them.

Finally, I want to represent the growing number of POC dentists in this amazing field!

#withoutthewhitecoat I am an artist, an explorer, a New Yorker

Tim Makinde
DDS | Class of 2021
Columbia University

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