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Nia Buckner

I’d describe myself as creative. Growing up, I moved around a lot, but despite the constant change in scenery, my passion for creating thrived. From choreographing performances, experimenting with new recipes, envisioning and executing community programs, to recently starting a blog (@niabuckner_md), I find my authentic self in the realm of creativity.

Having to balance and navigate the rigors of the first year, I have tapped into my creativity & it has served as an amazing outlet. Whether it’s having a dance break to typing away my thoughts, being able to let go and exist in my being has gotten me through those long days of lectures.

#withoutthewhitecoat I am a daughter, big sister, creative, dance enthusiast, self-made chef, mentor, adventurist, foodie, football fanatic, and taking on every day with a smile.

Nia Buckner
MD Candidate | Class of 2024
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

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