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Weslie Chiu

Outside of being a medical student, I am a dancer, writer, and photographer. Since I was a kid, art has enriched my way of seeing the world, in all its forms. Growing older, I decided I wanted to show other people the parts of the world that I found beautiful, through as many media as possible. To me, everything is about communication–I want the people I care about to understand the way I experience life, and vice versa. I believe that sort of connection will help us all live healthier, more meaningful lives. In that sense, art and medicine share the same meaning to me.

On my leisure time, I also enjoy fitness, cooking, hiking, gaming, and exploring new music. I am also a passionate advocate for Asian-American issues through changes in public policy, and hope to impact the world in more ways than one.

#withoutthewhitecoat I am a storyteller, a goofball, and a pretty decent home chef 🙂

Weslie Chiu
DO | Class of 2023

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