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Cathy Garcia-Torres

Without my white coat, I am a proud first-generation Mexican Immigrant.

I am a mentor. My motivation every day is hoping a young Latina girl finds representation in higher education through me. I hope one day she looks at my hoops, red lipstick, and scrubs only to find a future image of herself. I am passionate about mentoring young minority girls in finding their passion and a safe space to challenge norms that say they “can’t raise a family if they have a career”.

I am a human. I have had failures and without my white coat, I am learning every day. I am a friend, a sister, a daughter, a student, and a dog mom.

#withoutthewhitecoat I am a first-generation Mexican immigrant, a dancer, an advocate, a traveler, a mentor, and a human.

Cathy Garcia-Torres
MD Candidate | Class of 2023
USF Morsani College of Medicine

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