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Lisa (Eleousa) Eleni Chionis

In Greek culture, food isn’t just fuel — it’s family, nourishment, celebration, medicine, and life itself. I grew up in a Greek family, partially raised by my grandparents. My grandfather (Papou) worked in a produce market for many years; my grandmother (Yiayia) never needed a recipe and was the best cook I’ve ever known. I spent my gap year before medical school working in a Greek restaurant. To say the least, food has always been an integral part of life, and I can’t imagine a career that doesn’t somehow incorporate this passion!

#withoutthewhitecoat I am a Mediterranean cuisine enthusiast, former NCAA tennis player, lover of national parks, and aspiring innovator!

Lisa (Eleousa) Eleni Chionis
MD | Class of 2024
University of Michigan Medical School

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