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Andrew Adly

I am very passionate about what I do and love doing it. I’m a dentist, but we’re way more than just “tooth mechanics”. We incorporate science, art, and engineering to help patients improve their confidence with better smiles, take them out of pain and improve their overall health.
Without the white coat, I am a “gym rat”. People ask me how I can possibly work 6 days a week and still manage to squeeze in tons of CE courses related to my field without burning out. I have two secrets there: 1. I love what I do and don’t consider it working when I am working towards perfecting my craft and 2. I use the gym as a crutch. The gym for me has always been my escape. It is the one time of the day I don’t have to think or worry, all I have to do is focus on my exercises/breathing. The gym not only improves our health (let’s face it, dentistry is a detriment to our backs/necks and core) but it provides a great mental reset. No matter how busy I am, I always try to find a way to get my workouts in and I recommend other health care workers try to do the same whether it’s the gym or any other form of fitness.

#withoutthewhitecoat I am a “gym rat”.

Andrew Adly
DDS | Class of 2019
NYU College of Dentistry

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