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Malke Asaad

I was born and raised in Aleppo Syria. I am very passionate about plastic surgery but I also love sports, playing piano, and exploring new places. When it comes to sports, I love playing basketball, tennis, and table tennis. I also have a passion for education and I am hoping to make courses in the coming months to provide medical students with the necessary information and tools to conduct research projects. I am an LGBTQ advocate hoping to make a difference in the rights of LGBTQ individuals in the Middle East where people are being persecuted for who they love.

#withoutthewhitecoat I am a YouTuber! I love sharing the information that helped me get to my goal of plastic surgery residency with future applicants, especially international medical graduates. Check my channel @Malke Asaad

Malke Asaad
MD | Class of 2018
Aleppo University Faculty of Medicine

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