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Meera Kirpekar

As my dad was a captain in the merchant navy, I grew up sailing around the world on massive cargo liners. I joked that my mom “ship schooled” me for a part of my life. I remember having a snowball fight on the ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, tracing dolphins as they followed our ship, wandering around the streets of Hiroshima, and more. And thus was born my love for travel, to explore and immerse myself in different countries and cultures.
While the pandemic put a wrench in my travel and wedding plans, and I started on COVID shifts the week of my original wedding date, in that time, I did discover a love of baking… and further explored my passion for raising awareness of chronic pain in women. Along with my partner Dr. Alopi Patel, I cofounded a platform on women’s pain called The Female Pain Docs and started a podcast called The Hurt, which launched on March 8, International Women’s Day!

#withoutthewhitecoat I am a world voyager, baker, and entrepreneur.

Meera Kirpekar
MD | Class of 2013
Tulane University School of Medicine

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