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Without The White Coat (WTWC) is an organization dedicated to humanizing medicine and strengthening the medical community.


We aim to create and deliver content to promote balance and wellness, encourage individuality and creativity, address mental health stigma and advocate for diversity.


Healthcare is not a machine made up of sterile stainless steel cogs and EMRS. Healthcare is human. Medicine is an art, and all art allows people to express their individuality and creativity. Engaging the arts and humanities is a key component of our platform.


The people, communities, and populations we serve are not homogeneous. Our doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, etc. should reflect the diversity of patients we serve. We strive to create space and give to all underrepresented groups in medicine.

Addressing The Mental Health Stigma

Mental health is the elephant in the room. Burnout, depression, substance abuse, and suicide in the medical community is a taboo topic. We need to destigmatize the issue and normalize the conversation. As a community, we need to reflect on the aspects of our culture that have created this situation. WTWC is here to engage in productive discourse and find solutions to remove barriers to mental health services.

Promoting Balance And Wellness

Medicine is a truly rewarding career path, filled with people who are incredibly dedicated to the wellness of the people they care for. The nature of our field requires an immense amount of physical, mental, and emotional energy, not to mention time. Our goal is to combat the mental health concerns that come along with the unique challenges we face in the medicine by promoting balance and wellness.