Designer, Painter
About This Project

”My love for art has been consistent throughout my life, and I do not show favoritism: knitting/ painting/ drawing/ calligraphy/ sewing/ stitching/ baking/ crafts- and the list has only been getting longer. It may sound crazy, but when I make trip to Jo-Ann’s and start my “little project”, I forget to sleep or eat until it is completed, and I am fully satisfied. I know you can’t see the entire wall behind me in the picture, but that would be the result of my art therapy from last winter break. I noticed the empty wall, happened to have some acrylic paint & canvases, and I was bored- so… Voilà! I had a perfect winter break, you see- .


#withoutwhitecoat I am a painter, designer, tailor- an Artist.”


April Kim
DDS candidate | Class of 2022
University of Loma Linda University School of Dentistry