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Traveling Humanist
About This Project

“Nigerian by heritage, American by citizenship and Italian by birth country. My passport tends to illicit a look of confusion when I cross borders.


I’m a citizen of the world with an intense passion to learn and experience humanity from all corners of the globe. I love to travel. To me, humans are a divine mystery, with our varied cultures, our stark differences, and our unique stories, all of which worth exploring.


For me, a career in Medicine is a pursuit of understanding humanity, with the added benefit of learning to heal and alleviate suffering.


Along with medicine my interest also includes the mind, consciousness, and human behavior. Traveling allows me to observe and experience the human condition whilst exploring and experiencing the vast emotions associated with living and connecting with people.


“Why do you want to be a doctor and how do you still manage to live life?” “How can I want to save a life if I haven’t lived to know the value of it in the first place.”


#withoutthewhitecoat I am a traveling humanist”


Crystal Nwosu
MD Candidate | Class of 2021
St. George’s University School of Medicine