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“When I leave my office for the day, I am in mom mode. I’m a bonus mom to 20 & 21-year-old sons & had my 13-year-old son during my 2nd year of residency. Almost 4 years ago, their father passed so I became an instant single parent. I know I’m not the only single parent physician, but it is challenging to manage being the only parent & caring for patients. My priorities changed, so my schedule changed – I work less & passed on a leadership position. I love being a mom, so have no regrets. Outside of motherhood, I became an author about a year ago. I am the co-author of “The Chronicles of Women in White Coats” & write regularly for online publications. My goal is to write my own book & I hope to start working on that later this year. I also enjoy painting, but writing has been my priority as it has helped me heal.


#withoutthewhitecoat I’m a mother and writer”


Danielle J. Johnson, MD, FAPA
Psychiatrist at Lindner Center of HOPE|UC Health
Drexel University College of Medicine