Mindfulness & Reflection
At the park with my family
About This Project

“I’ve been a video director, coffee shop owner, nuclear medicine technologist and now a medical student. None of these roles have been as challenging and rewarding as being a parent. Before medical school, some people would tell me that I should put my dreams on hold if I wanted to raise kids. I refused to believe that you couldn’t have both and also thrive and feel satisfied. Now, in my third year, I have a beautiful wife and two marvelous kids that I make time for every day because I choose to. It hasn’t been easy to sacrifice time from studying to be with them, but they’ve helped me remember who I was before medical school and continuously remind me of who I want to become. It’s easy to get lost in the medicine, but having a family brings you back down to earth and is profoundly fulfilling.


#withoutthewhitecoat I am probably at the park with my family, remembering what’s important to me in life.”


David Bermejo
DO Candidate || Class of 2020
Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine