Mindfulness & Reflection
About This Project

“I believe that it is very important to have and maintain your identity without a white coat. I continue to believe and preach that you cannot take care of your patients if you do not take care of yourself.

Mental health continues to be an issue that many healthcare providers struggle with on a daily basis. I identify myself not only as a physician, but as a researcher, a writer, an athlete, a healthcare advocate, someone who enjoys spending time with family and friends. You should not have to identify with being only one thing or wearing only one particular type of hat. This is what makes everyone unique, the varied characteristics, traits, and talents that make each person special.

Although it may seem cliché I have found what helps me the most is staying active. I grew up as an athlete and later on for a while believed that I had to compromise this in order to focus on studying and work. I then found that this wasn’t true and am so happy I discovered this sooner than later. I will do something active no matter the weather, the time of night, or how little sleep I have had because it helps me reset and clear my mind. Being able to de-stress in that manner, maintain a healthy/active lifestyle, and do something that I enjoy has helped me both at and outside of work. .
My advice to everyone on this journey is take time to do at least one thing that you enjoy every day, even if it is only for a few minutes.

#withoutawhitecoat I am still Joshua Mansour. I have the privilege of wearing a white coat and helping others, but it doesn’t define me.”

Joshua Mansour
Ross University School of Medicine
Board Certified Hematologist & Oncologist