Advocate & Activist
About This Project

“I am more than just my nursing career. I served as Miss Grand Louisiana 2019. During my reign, I created a program to empower young girls to pursue their interests in STEM. On the days I was not working long hours in the hospital, I was serving my community as a leader to young women through my title. In addition, I was modeling long hours, working hard to stay fit and healthy, and studying day and night towards earning my master’s degree. Not to mention, I was also running my nursing blog account on Instagram and mentoring future nurses through my page. I got the chance to show so many people that they can have more than one career and that one job does not define who they are.

#withoutthewhitecoat I am a STEM advocate, mentor, blogger, model, nurse, and graduate student!”

Mayura Kulkarni RN, BSN
MSN Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Candidate | Class of 2021
Texas Woman’s University