About This Project

“I spent so much time trying to narrow it down, but in reality there are so many parts to me outside of medicine. I love to create whether it’s fashion, experimenting while cooking/baking, or putting my interior design skills to the test. I am an explorer, reflected by my desire to not just travel, but to experience the indescribable richness of different countries and cultures. I am a music enthusiast, of all genres, and love to dance just as much. And most of all, I am a mentor through an organization that I co-founded called C.O.D.E. Med, where I strive to diversify the medical field with hopes to increase minority representation among physicians and decrease health disparities among community members.

#withoutthewhitecoat I am an explorer, creator, and a mentor inspiring hope and changing the narrative.”

Nadira Lilman
MD Candidate | Class of 2023
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine