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Inspiring Black Youth
About This Project

As a child, my mother and my pediatrician always told me that I was going to be a doctor. I heard it so much, that eventually, I started to believe it myself! I grew up in a home full of love and support and full of GOD. If it was not for the confidence my parents instilled in me, I do not believe I would be a doctor. I remember telling one of my high school coaches I was going to be a doctor. Laughing and in disbelief, he said, “Peanut… A doctor? Why don’t you learn a trade or something?”


This is the first of many doubters I have encountered, but because of my faith, my family, my determination, and competitive nature, I did it!


#withoutthewhitecoat, I’m just Nicholas, trying to inspire Black youth to be whoever they want to be and know that there are people out there that look just like them doing great things!


Nicholas Jones, MD, FACS
Xavier University of Louisiana / Chemistry
LSU School of Medicine
Albert Einstein / General Surgery Residency
MedicalCollege of Georgia / Plastic Surgery Fellowship