About This Project

“Growing up I had a really strict mom. I used to whine when she wanted me to play the piano, do math, paint, etc. Now as an adult, I see that I could never repay my mom for giving me all of those opportunities and discipline. After all, it’s that discipline that helps us through medical school. I’m also grateful that my mom gave me the chance to explore. When I’m not studying, I like to pick up my camera and photograph anything from my cat to people, and when I’m not photographing, I love helping other visual artists capture their ideas. I think that allowing yourself to be creative is what ultimately fuels your life’s energy. Modeling and photography have been a huge part of me even as a teenager, so I’m happy to have found time for both this and my passion for medicine.


#withoutthewhitecoat I am a creator”


Nicki Pullman
MD candidate | Class of 2022
Medical University of South Carolina