Financial Enthusiast
About This Project

“I recently stumbled into personal finance as I prepare for residency. I initially just wanted to learn more about how to budget and save, but it turned out to be really interesting. In healthcare we spend so much time learning about pathology, physiology, etc and we learn almost nothing about how to manage our wealth. Even worse, I realized that I have spent very little time over the past four years learning or talking about anything other than medicine. In short, I’ve become boring. So I decided to spend some time every day learning about finance. I even started studying for the Securities Industry Essentials exam, which is a stepping stone to working in the financial industry. I love medicine, and it will always be a priority, but I think it’s important to develop other interests too. These past couple of months have served as a reminder that you don’t just have to learn for board exams. Sometimes, you can just learn for yourself. And there’s something really valuable in that.

#withoutthewhitecoat I am Warren Buffett wannabe.”

Shawn Gupta
MD I Class of 2020
St. George’s University