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About This Project

“A passion I picked up after my last semester in basic sciences was blogging! I started my blog “YB to MD” after I discovered the impact simply sharing your story could make. Since then, it has been a getaway from my daily studying routine to write about my experiences in medical school, studying for the NBME comp and USMLE Step 1, and about building and maintaining a relationship during medical school. Although medical school takes up the majority of my days, spending time building a relationship with my fiance has been an important part of my life, and certainly not an easy part considering how much time we both dedicate to studying! Blogging together has been a way to creatively build our relationship outside of medicine and to help other students in the same circumstances! My blog is focused on medical school topics, but writing is my passion away from medicine!”

#withoutthewhitecoat I am a a blogger and an advocate for a balanced life”

Yasmine Bargoti
MD Candidate | Class of 2020
Ross University School of Medicine